BIRSLAK House rules

Makkoshotyka, Rákóczi street 67.

Arrival, Departure

The house is available from 15:00 on the day of the arrival, and the guests have to leave the accommodation before 11:00 on the day of leaving if it was not discussed other way before. 

Please be very careful with the keys, in case of loss of the key, the complete replacement of the lock must be paid for!

Take special care to close windows and doors when leaving the room. When you leave the accommodation on the day of departure, please hand over the key to the owner.

After 22:00 please do not disturb the neighbours with loud music.

House equipment, smoking

Please use the buildings, equipment, and facilities of the accommodation as intended, please be careful and always follow the fire and accident protection regulations. Please do not take indoor furniture and utensils (bedding, bedding, mattresses, etc.) outside the garden. Please protect wooden tables and chairs from moisture, do not leave them outdoors at night! Do not place metal objects in the microwave oven. Damage caused to the accommodation must be compensated by the guest or its legal representative.

Smoking in the house is strictly FORBIDDEN, please only smoke on the terrace and place the butt in the collection box.

Personal belongings, values

The owner of the guest house is not responsible for personal valuables brought into the property (e.g. jewelry, telephone, laptop).


The heating in wintertime happens with air conditioners. The temperature can be controlled on the wall panels, the quick guide will be left on the table for the guests’ information. There is a stove in the house, which can be also used by the guests, the wood is beside the entrance, please use the stove with special attention and with consideration of the fire regulations.


Our guest house is dog-friendly accommodation. The cost of the dogs is 2000 HUF/night/dog.


We collect garbage selectively. Please empty the trash outside before leaving. Put plastic and paper in the yellow and mixed waste in the black trash can.



The guests receive the house clean and they must take care of its own cleanliness during their stay. For longer stays, once a week at a pre-arranged time, the cleaning lady will pull clean sheets, and change the towels.

Extra cleaning: if the guest contaminates the house or its equipment in an extraordinary way, we will charge an additional cleaning fee of HUF 4,000 due to the increase in cleaning costs. Thank you for your understanding


Guests can park in the yard of the guest house or on the street in front of the house. 

Guests are financially liable for any damages resulting from improper use of the guest house or violation of the house rules.

Of course, things in the house can go wrong or malfunction from something other than the fault of the guests. If you notice any abnormality, please inform us immediately to prevent any serious damage. The manager of the accommodation must be informed immediately about an accident or other extraordinary event!