About Birslak

The house

The Birslak is a long-awaited dream come true. I work far from the countryside and  I hoped to find a way to connect back to the village I came from. 

In 2020 finally, I bought an old house in a bad condition and spent 2021 to fully renovate, of course with some professional help. After 10 months of work, now the fully renovated house waiting for its guests. The house has two bedrooms, a living room with a kitchen corner, and a huge terrace with an amazing view of the mountains and the garden.  If it is necessary the couch in the living room also can be turned into a bed so the house can have 5 guests at the same time. 

The kitchen is equipped with an induction cooker, fridge, microwave, and a coffeemaker if our guests would prefer to cook during their stay. 

The region

Makkoshotyka is a small settlement surrounded by the mountains of Zemplén. More than 800 people live in the village which is a wonderful place for family vacations and weekends with friends. The region is covered with dense forests, surrounded by romantic valleys, romantic castle ruins, castles, historic towns, rivers that invite you to go on water tours and, last but not least, the most famous wine region of Hungary, Tokaj, offers plenty of excellent programs for visitors.

The natural center of the Zemplén is Sárospatak, a town with a historical atmosphere, only six km away from our accommodation.  Not far from it is Sátoraljaújhely, with its wonderful “tent” mountains, the longest cable car in Hungary, an adventure park with the Hungarian Calvary, and Széphalom near the city with the Museum of the Hungarian Language.

During the walks, visitors can also take a tour of the medieval border fortress, and the castles of Füzér, Regéc, and Boldogkő.

We can find many memories of the famous Rákóczi family in the region, mainly through castles and mansions, there is no shortage of romantic castles, Fűzérradvány, Kőkapu, Kéked, Pácinkastélyai are beautiful examples of the everyday life of Hungarian lords.

Hungary’s oldest forest railway runs from Pálháza to the interior of the mountains, and the tourist infrastructure in the area is developing day by day.

Perhaps the most famous of his sacred memories is the birthplace of the first printed version of the Hungarian Bible, Vizsoly, where you can see an original copy in the Árpádian Reformed Church.

An integral part of the region is the UNESCO-protected historical Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region, the birthplace of the world-famous Tokaj aszú. The guest can find countless wine cellars and cozy wine tasting in the settlements of the area.

For water sports enthusiasts, Hungary’s two most exciting rivers, the Bodrog and the Hernád, are ideal for excursions.

We’ve also put together some of our favorites for you to find by clicking on the programs.